TM Fund

Being a part of the JACK Family is not limited to just when you are work and we understand life can be unpredictable, presenting unanticipated hardships. It is in these times that the support of family is most important and this is why JACK Entertainment has created the team member assistance Family Fund to provide support to those team members facing financial hardship. Here you can learn more about the support provided through the fund, requirements to apply, as well as begin the application process.

The Family Fund is the emergency JACK Entertainment team member relief fund. The fund is designed to provide financial assistance to team members who are coping with a crisis resulting in financial hardship due to an unforeseen catastrophic event or hardship. While JACK Entertainment has a great benefits and compensation package to care for team members’ needs, the Family Fund provides additional assistance in the form of grants during unforeseen emergencies. The Family Fund is fully funded by donations and proceeds from fundraising activities supported by team members.


In order to be considered for a grant, an eligible team member must complete the Family Fund application and submit to Human Resources. The application must be submitted with supporting documentation (i.e., bills, letters, etc.). The HR department will review each application and verify the provided information (including payroll/401K information). The application will be forwarded to the Family Fund Committee which will respond to the application within five (5) after all required information is received.


Whether or not financial assistance will be offered, and how much, will be based on numerous factors including annual income of the applicant, number of dependents, the applicant’s financial position, costs incurred in connection with the hardship, the availability of assistance from Federal, State, community or charitable services, the amount of funds available in the Family Fund and such other factors as the committee in its sole discretion determines appropriate and applicable.


The amount of financial assistance can be up to a maximum of $2,000 per request with lifetime maximum of $4,000. Checks will not be written to team members; they will be addressed to businesses or creditors only.


All applications require receipts and documentation to substantiate the request from the Family Fund. The committee’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal or challenge.