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*looks closely* 👀

hmmm, no "Hi JACK social media" written on the big check.

Guess she didn't see my request on the #WinnersFromTheWeekend post.

That's OK, we'll wait https://t.co/GpTgaF5Im0
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gosh that’s good stuff https://t.co/Mr0X2JduvV
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Matt Sexton @thatsexton
Another dusk shot from last night. Really love exploring the Flats, so many interesting spots with great views of the Cuyahoga and Downtown. https://t.co/nxIsUlTj3F

🐈‍⬛ Hexbreaker 3 Free Spin! 🐈‍⬛

come see us near Synergy... we’re here til 7!

✨ @IGTNews 🎰 https://t.co/fsGil5SrEq

All right guys, putting feelers out for this VIRTUAL CONTEST again...

Last year was our first swing at it, but we'd like to do it again to be able to include everyone, here or at home, celebrating the #KentuckyDerby!

Would you be in? https://t.co/2G0sluAZm5
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It is *ideal* outdoor gaming weather right now. Good thing we have the *ideal* place at which to outdoor game.

BTW — we’ve just installed some more of these Fu Dai Lian Lian games inside, except not pandas. 🐼 Any guesses on the animals? https://t.co/WA8YpKlhe9
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#TellUsTuesday: what's something you could eat every day?

We'll go first -- it's that dang Oreo dessert Chef Mo whips up at Millcreek Grille! 🤤 https://t.co/jkGkp95Q8U
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