We are deeply committed to being a champion for good in our home community of Northeast Ohio. From our start, we have understood that being a responsible member in our communities means contributions of our time, energy, and our unique expertise, focusing on the following areas:


Stabilization of our neighborhoods

including Urban revitalization, Neighborhood Beautification, Art and Cultural Associations, Educational Initiatives




Human Services:
including Veterans, Homelessness, Senior Care, Cancer Awareness




If your nonprofit organization would like to apply for consideration of a monetary or in-kind donation from one of our individual casinos, please complete the form linked below


JACK is committed to serving the communities in which we do business and believes strongly in the philosophy of giving back.  Our team members regularly participate in events such as food and toy drives, school supply drives, walkathons, and volunteer days.  Our teams giving extends beyond cash donations as they also volunteer their time and energy.  JACK also provides numerous gift certificates for property services (i.e. meals at any of our restaurants), and gift shop items to charitable organizations.


JACK Team members participate in volunteerism efforts each month within our local communities